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AV & Cinema Systems - System Integrators in Saudi Arabia and UAE

Established in 2010, our company specializes in designing, constructing, and providing technical servicing for cinemas, conference halls, smart classrooms, as well as in the development of applications and websites in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. We offer comprehensive solutions of any complexity, enabling our clients to experience the premium quality of our services. Moreover, we actively incorporate transitional words and phrases to create more comprehensible and readable content for our clients.

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24 months garantee and free maintenance

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  • Providing High Quality and Reliable Solutions and Services since 2010 in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

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    From immersive audio and video experiences to comprehensive IT solutions, we are your trusted partner for all your technology needs.

  • Get your movie projectors and audio systems taken care of by our certified technicians

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    • From home theaters to big commercial cinemas, AV & Cinema Systems offers comprehensive technical support for smooth operation. All maintenance is handled by our expert technicians. With unmatched technical support, we'll make your cinematic journey even better.

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    A cinema production's quality is largely determined by its high-quality combination of sound and visual elements. It can only be achieved by using professional equipment, which creates the cinematic atmosphere and magic. Modern systems and technical innovations have made it possible to realize even the most ambitious ideas.


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    Discover the magic of home cinemas - a perfect blend of immersive sound and stunning visuals. Elevate your entertainment and create extraordinary moments within the comfort of your own home.

  • Transparent LED Panels & Videowalls

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    AV & Cinema Systems offers the way in the design, development, and supply of transparent LED displays. Our suite of versatile, get-noticed displays meet every need ranging from portable window-size posters to giant custom LED walls.

Smart Auditorium, Innopolis University

A comprehensive multimedia solution tailored for Innopolis, a leading IT university. This solution offers a range of modern multimedia tools intricately designed to enhance the educational process, fostering innovation and unlocking new opportunities for students and faculty alike

Premium cinema hall with laser projector and Dolby Athmos acoustics

Thorough acoustic analysis was conducted in the cinema room, meticulously aligned to exceed Dolby Atmos sound standards. The project included the seamless integration of a Barco retrofit projector, purposefully engineered to complement the cutting-edge Dolby loudspeaker systems, ensuring an immersive cinematic experience that surpasses industry benchmarks.

Network conference hall, Innopolis University

Integration of our advanced audiovisual system and cutting-edge technology significantly enhanced the effectiveness of internal meetings, external conferences, and training programs within the Company. Notably, our team developed a state-of-the-art conference hall at Innopolis University, known for spearheading pioneering IT projects

Multifunctional Auditorium

Our multifunctional classrooms are equipped with modern features, including a sizable 4.48 x 2.56 m LED screen. We’ve integrated compact acoustic arrays, lighting devices, PTZ-cameras enabling broadcasting from multiple angles, connection points for additional cameras, a dedicated room for operators, and a versatile smart podium that effortlessly connects modern devices.

Corporate Conference room

A comprehensive solution streamlining information visualization, fostering collaboration, and optimizing operational support. The AV & CInema Systems team curated an ergonomic and practical workspace tailored for corporate leadership.

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