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Step into a new era of entertainment luxury with our premier home cinema solutions. Discover an immersive experience where cutting-edge technology and bespoke design converge, transforming your space into a private cinematic haven that redefines the art of entertainment.

In today’s tech-driven world, witness the boundary-pushing marvels of video projection technology right in the comfort of your own home. Imagine the privilege of experiencing the latest movies on their premiere date within your private sanctuary. Our cutting-edge DCI-certified projectors, once exclusive to commercial cinemas, are now available for discerning homeowners like you. As the foremost premium home cinema integrator in the region, AV & CInema Systems offers an unparalleled experience. Book a complimentary consultation and unlock the door to a bespoke cinematic installation designed exclusively for your space. 

Entrust your vision to our seasoned team, experts in curating a holistic cinematic experience. From crafting superior audio-visual setups to meticulously orchestrating lighting, interior aesthetics, and premium seating, we ensure every detail aligns with your aspirations for a bespoke home theater.

Relaxation is guaranteed as we meticulously navigate every phase of the installation, transforming your dream into a tangible reality without a hitch. Our commitment extends beyond installation; enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive two-year service and maintenance plan, assuring peak performance and uninterrupted enjoyment of our integrated systems

Embrace the epitome of cinema-grade audio with Dolby Atmos, meticulously calibrated to achieve the coveted ‘reference level’ of sound at your primary listening position. Our adherence to industry standards set by esteemed organizations such as Dolby® and THX® guarantees an immersive experience that captures the full dynamic range, impact, and realism of modern movie soundtracks.


Most movies in commercial theaters that are released today are in 2.39:1 format, commonly referred to as Cinemascope. Enabling a true cinematic experience, Barco Residential is unique in offering true CinemaScope projectors for the residential market.

Our CinemaScope technology features a unique automatic aspect ratio detection function, which analyzes the incoming source and detects the «Content Aspect Ratio» to then automatically scale the image to fit the 5,120×2,160 resolution and change back to 16:9 3,840×2,160 resolution for content in that format. It will even change aspect ratio when a CinemaScope format movie has a menu outside the active picture frame. You can also manually switch between the different formats, and manually set the aspect ratio you would like to use.

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