Discover expert Commercial Cinema design and integration services tailored to elevate your entertainment experience. Our team specializes in crafting immersive solutions that bring cutting-edge technology to your business. Explore our offerings, including custom theater design, audiovisual integration, and state-of-the-art projection systems, ensuring a cinematic experience that captivates your audience. Contact us to turn your cinema vision into reality.


At AV & Cinema Systems, we are dedicated to the art of design and the creation of truly exceptional immersive environments. Our design philosophy revolves around the development of spaces that not only captivate but also deeply engage your audience. We amalgamate creative ingenuity with state-of-the-art technology to transform your vision into a breathtaking reality. With a keen understanding of your objectives and requirements, we meticulously craft spaces that are both functionally efficient and aesthetically remarkable. From the conceptual stage to its tangible manifestation, we painstakingly plan every detail, selecting equipment that ensures an unparalleled immersive experience. Entrust us with your design needs, and we’ll deliver an exceptional result that sets you apart


Unleash the power of audio with Us. We specialize in crafting exceptional auditory experiences that immerse and engage your audience. Our approach is a fusion of artistry and cutting-edge technology, transforming your auditory vision into a stunning reality. With a deep understanding of your objectives and unique needs, we meticulously design soundscapes that are both technically precise and artistically inspired. From concept to execution, we carefully plan every detail, selecting the ideal equipment to ensure an unforgettable auditory journey. Trust us with your audio requirements, and let us provide you with a distinctive and memorable sound experience.»

AV Design and Planning

AV design is the process of creating a custom audio and video systems. AV planning involves determining the requirements of the space and selecting the right equipment to meet those needs. Proper AV system planning ensures that the system is easy to use, reliable, and delivers excellent performance.

When designing an AV system for any space, several factors need to be considered. First, you need to assess the size and shape of the room. The dimensions of the room will influence the placement and type of speakers, screen size, and seating arrangement.

Second, you need to use modern software to create a model of how sound waves will propagate through space. This will determine the type of AV equipment you need. Third, you need to consider the budget for the AV system. This will help you determine the appropriate equipment, such as the type of speakers, amplifiers, and receivers, to use.

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