AV & Cinema Systems stands as a global system integrator boasting 12 years of industry prowess and a dedicated in-house R&D center. Our commitment lies in delivering acclaimed, distinctive, ergonomic, and dependable solutions tailored to our clients' specific business objectives, empowering users to accomplish their aspirations.

The team at AV & Cinema Systems, comprising highly skilled engineers, software developers, and seasoned audiovisual industry professionals, has successfully crafted and executed over 15,000 projects across diverse sectors, including education, business, transport, sports, government, law enforcement, healthcare, and more. Looking ahead, AV & Cinema Systems envisions the future in advancing data analysis and visualization systems through artificial intelligence. This forward-looking approach aims to extract actionable insights from an array of sources, paving the way for innovation and impactful solutions.

Primary business areas:

  • Audiovisual systems integration;
  • IT & WEB Development Solutions;
  • Distribution of audiovisual equipment;
  • Rental and staging solutions;
  • IoT and Smart City solutions.

AV & Cinema Systems boasts a rich legacy as a system integrator and distributor of audiovisual solutions spanning over 12 years. Throughout this time, we've achieved remarkable milestones, including executing noteworthy audiovisual projects showcased in our catalog and website. Our strides have marked by widespread acknowledgment within the professional audiovisual industry. Continuing our trajectory of growth, we've leveraged our AV solutions to develop the best conditions that will take your business to the next level. This groundbreaking innovation equips our customers with cutting-edge equipment. Furthermore, our focus extends to the forefront of modern technology. Firmly rooted in our belief in the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we foresee substantial economic impacts across diverse sectors such as business, industry, insurance, retail, and public administration.

Evgeny Nezhinskiy
CEO of AV & Cinema Systems

We have equipped more than 200 cinemas and objects of any scale and type of activity

Implemented Cases of multimedia equipment for the conference hall track records:

Sberbank Branch Operating Room

Meeting room, FEZ ALABUGA

Audience for remote learning InnopolisUniversity

Conference hall of Kazan State University

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